Into my Darkness.

    "I am an autistic photographer, battling depression at some degree for ages, and what actually now feels like all my life."

In this series of self portraits I explore misery, hell, nightmares, self harms ideations, dispair, loneliness and the sadness of his journey into depression and suicidal thougts. 
Think of it as a way to exorcise the darkest ideations that come with these mental health issues, maybe as a twisted way to express myself when I am not capable of doing so with words. 
Maybe it is my way of documenting, sharing what I feel, what I experience? But who would want to share that? And who would want to be the recipient?
What it is to me doesn't really matter in the end, because that is you, who are looking at those photos, who will decide what this book is. This is also why I decided to not add any title or text. 
You will find here photos, only photos, and it is up to you to decide the meaning of each photo, of each set of photos. 
This is definitely not the best selling plot ever for a photography book. But it is honest: like all the photos in this book, brutally honest and blunt. You get the naked truth, the physical and the mental scars.
You can buy this book on Amazon or on Blurb.

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