"Dreams of a Distant Sun" is a musical journey that takes listeners on an emotive exploration through its diverse tracks. The album begins with the enchanting "A Long Journey," setting the tone for an immersive experience. "寝ないで。" delicately weaves a dreamy atmosphere, while "A Ladybug Diary" adds a whimsical touch with its playful melodies. "Charcoal Reflections" brings a contemplative mood, and "Waiting for the Sun" radiates warmth and anticipation.
The album's midpoint takes a dramatic turn with "The Eclipse during the Thunderstorm," creating a sense of intensity. "Metropolis One" and "Metropolis Two" contribute to the sonic landscape with their dynamic beats, portraying urban scenes. "Trapped before Dawn" introduces a mysterious ambiance, preparing for the hauntingly beautiful bonus track "Metropolis Four."
The journey concludes with the evocative "The Disappearance of the Sun," leaving a lingering sense of introspection.
 "Dreams of a Distant Sun" showcases a remarkable fusion of musical elements, making it a compelling and immersive collection that invites listeners to get lost in its sonic dreamscape.

The album is now on most major platforms but the final bonus track is exclusive on bandcamp.

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