This album is a series of jazz-ish improvisations recorder in the last month (except a couple piano pieces), in the sense nothing was planned, I just improvised each part in a first take. An exercise I'm not really used to. 

Those first takes were less than drafts, with many hesitation, notes that shouldn’t be there, various imperfections. Instead of rewriting, re recording and correcting everything, I just did a few rehearsals before recording a second take. Still far from perfect, but it sounds cleaner while keeping the spontaneity of each music. 

This is not background music or easy listening.
The drafts are on my Youtube channel.
You can listen on most streaming platforms including:

Welcome to my world of sonic exploration. In this album, "Second Take - 11 Steps to Madness," I invite you to join me on a journey through the depths of industrial acoustic jazz. Combining the rawness of improvisation with the delicate nuances of old detuned pianos, I present to you a collection of music that tries to push boundaries and challenges conventions.
The first takes served as a foundation, a blank canvas where my creativity ran wild. It was a thrilling and unpredictable process, capturing the essence of the moment. However, it was in the second takes that the true magic happened. These carefully chosen renditions rose from the chaos, refined and perfected, revealing a deeper understanding of the madness that lies within.
With each track, I aim to transport you to a different realm of emotion and thought. From the introductory echoes of "Leaving the Sewers," to the haunting melody of "Insomnia Variation," and the disturbing nil of "Empty Spaces," you'll find yourself immersed in a sonic landscape that defies classification.
As you navigate through "Immovable Oceans," "So Far Away," and "Leaving Earth," you'll witness the harmonious blend of acoustic instruments and captivating samples, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. The melancholic tones of "Sand in Dirty Papers" will tug at your heartstrings, while "Mind in a Loop" will challenge your perception of time and space.
"A Long Wait" captures the essence of anticipation, while "Rotten Delusions" ventures into the darker corners of the mind. Finally, "Spiders Singing in My Head" concludes this odyssey with a cacophony of chords that will leave you disoriented.
"Second Take - 11 Steps to Madness" is an album that embraces the unconventional, combining elements of industrial, acoustic jazz, and experimental music. It's a testament to the power of improvisation and the beauty that lies within imperfection. So, join me on this sonic voyage as we delve into the depths of madness and emerge with a renewed sense of musical discovery.

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