Exodus is a musical story about the end of earth, and the exodus of very few humans hoping to find a new planet.
It is made of 9 pieces, each describing a chapter of the story.
The drafts are on my Youtube channel.
This album is made available first on Bandcamp and will be available soon on the other platform, in lossless 96-32 audio when supported: 

Tranquility under the stars.
In the year 2345, the world had finally triumphed over its most persistent issues. Hunger, war, pollution, and climate change had all been subdued by the indomitable will of humankind. The people of Earth lived in a state of unparalleled peace, free from the constant specter of death and destruction that had once plagued their lives. Yet, with the elimination of these issues came a new challenge: the threat of stagnation. Science had reached a plateau, and the once-great engine of progress had slowed to a crawl. The absence of crises had left humanity without a driving force, and many felt that they were living in a world devoid of purpose. Jade, a skilled jet pilot, and her boyfriend Gray, a talented artist, were among those who felt this sense of emptiness. They longed for the days when the world was in turmoil, when every day presented new and unpredictable challenges. Despite their unease, however, they recognized that their lives were good. They had food, shelter, and safety - things that many of their ancestors had never known. As Jade soared through the skies in her sleek aircraft, she marveled at the world below. The cities were clean and orderly, the countryside lush and verdant. It was a world that was almost too perfect, too sterile. There was no sense of danger, no feeling of risk. It was a world that had been tamed, and in the process, had lost some of its vibrancy. Gray, for his part, struggled to find inspiration in this world of bland perfection. His art had always been a reflection of the world around him, and he found himself struggling to create anything new or exciting. He longed for the days when artists of the past had been forced to work under pressure, when the world was a canvas that was constantly changing and evolving. Despite their reservations, Jade and Gray knew that they were lucky to live in a world where peace and prosperity were the norm. They recognized that their ancestors had fought and struggled to create this world, and that it was their duty to protect it. And so, they continued to live their lives, grateful for the safety and security that they had been given, but always yearning for something more.

Luna's shadow.
In the year 2346, a catastrophic event of cosmic proportions occurred that shook humanity to its core. The moon, which had been a steadfast companion of Earth for eons, was suddenly thrown out of its orbit and set on a collision course with our planet. The news of this impending disaster was initially kept secret from the general public, known only to a select few scientists who struggled to come to a consensus on what should be done. Eventually, population had to be apprised of this potentially cataclysmic event. As the clock ticked down and the collision date drew nearer, the feeling of helplessness and despair grew ever stronger among the populace. Despite frantic efforts to find a solution, false hopes and shattered dreams were all that could be found. It became clear that the only option left was to construct a fleet of space Arks and search for a new planet to call home. Unfortunately, the state of science in this era was far from ideal. Progress had stagnated, and time was running out. Only five Arks could be constructed, each with living quarters for 2,000 people. Only 10,000 would have the chance to escape the doomed planet. In the midst of chaos and despair, Jade and Gray joined forces with other like-minded individuals to help with the construction of the Arks. They poured their hearts and souls into this monumental task, knowing that the fate of humanity hung in the balance.

Architects for salvation.
In the year 2347, the world was in the grip of despair and resignation as humanity faced its inevitable doom. With just one year left before impact, the scientists scrambled to conceive and engineer space Arks that had never been done before. Humanity's only hope for survival. Politicians were tasked with selecting the 10,000 people who would be saved, and a worldwide lottery was implemented to facilitate this somber endeavor. Among the chosen few were Jade and Gray, who bid farewell to their loved ones as they prepared to leave for the Exodus Project site. Meanwhile, the world was plunged into chaos as multiple catastrophic events occurred due to the shifting orbit of the moon. Despite the progress in the construction of the Arks, mishaps, accidents, delays and suspected sabotage plagued the project, it seemed uncertain whether they would be able to launch in time. As the impending deadline drew near, the scientists struggled to find suitable planets for the survivors to inhabit. The closer the collision, the more people gave up hope and resigned themselves to their fate. Tsunamis, earthquakes, turbulent weather wracked the earth, killing millions, while the rest of the world collapsed into chaos and riots. Against insurmountable odds, the scientists, engineers and laborers working on the exodus project pressed on, determined to make it a reality. Finally, with just weeks left before impact, the project was completed. However, there was no time for pre-flight tests. The Arks had to be launched immediately. Jade and Gray were forced to embark on separate Arks, uncertain if they would ever see each other again.

Apocalypse survivors.
In the waning days of 2347, humanity took its final flight away from a world that had been its cradle and now its imminent tomb. The five ships that comprised the Exodus Project were a testament to the courageous spirit of a species that refused to give up. But as they jettisoned through the void of space, the 10,000 survivors on board grappled with a myriad of emotions. They were alive, and that was something to be grateful for. Yet, the sight of Earth's annihilation from the safety of the ships was a heartrending reminder of all that had been lost. As they hurtled through the darkness of space, the survivors were gripped by a gnawing sense of guilt. Why had they been chosen to live while billions had perished? As the ships gradually accelerated to escape the gravitational pull of the solar system, the 10,000 survivors could only look on in horror as they watched the remnants of their world disappear from view. But they had to continue their journey. For if they didn't, all would have been for naught. As they sped further and further away from Earth, the survivors had to come to terms with the knowledge that their destiny was tied to the whims of space. The planets identified by the scientists back on Earth were their only hope, but they were still light years away. In the end, it was a race against time. The engines strained and groaned as they propelled the ships ever closer to their destination. But there was no guarantee that they would arrive in time. And as the remainder of humanity looked out into the endless expanse of space, they knew that their future was far from certain.

Into the unknown.
In the year 2351, the five Arks hurtled through the vast expanse of space, with their sights set on their first objective. Fear had become a permeant emotion among the ten thousand aboard the ships. The tedium of life in space, combined with technical difficulties and interpersonal conflicts, had given rise to an atmosphere of apprehension. In space, the greatest threats are the ones that lurk within the confines of the ships. The people were beset by insidious conflicts and despair with some resorting to violence and even suicide. Casualties mounted, and morale plummeted. Despite these challenges they persevered in their quest to reach their destination. By 2352, most were still striving to maintain their sanity and stay the course. The prospect of discovering a safe, habitable planet amidst a cluster of stars renewed their hopes and bolstered their spirits.

In Awe.
The stars cluster was indeed a mesmerizing sight to behold, but the people had little time to admire it. As they drew closer to the first potentially habitable planet, the crew felt a sense of cautious optimism. However, their hope was short-lived as the planet's atmosphere turned out to be too toxic for human survival. The search continued… The technical issues that had plagued the ships since their departure were becoming more and more severe. Some of the Arks had been forced to jettison large portions of their infrastructure to stay afloat, while others were struggling to maintain life support systems. Every single individual had become a jack of all trades, working tirelessly to ensure the Arks stayed airborne. Despite their struggles, the crew remained united in their mission. They had come too far to give up now. One by one, candidate planets were ruled out for various reasons. Some were too close to their sun, while others had unstable orbits. The search for a new home seemed to be an exercise in futility. As the years passed, they began to feel a sense of resignation. All had traveled for over a decade, and still, no planet seemed suitable for human habitation. The ships were in a dilapidated state, and many of the passengers had grown old or died of natural causes. The search had taken its toll on everything and everyone.

The last sacrifice.
As the year 2359 drew to a close, the situation aboard the decaying ships grew increasingly dire. Despite their best efforts, the search for a suitable planet had been in vain thus far. The resources needed to keep the remaining Ark afloat were dwindling fast. The 8,000 remaining souls aboard were facing another agonizing decision: sacrifice four ships to save the one. With heavy hearts, they began the process of dismantling the doomed vessels, recycling every component they could salvage. But even with this desperate measure, it was far from guaranteed, that the last remaining Ark would succeed. The survivors were forced to confront the grim reality that only a fraction of their number would be able to board the refitted vessel to continue the search for humanity’s new world. It was decided that only 3,000 individuals would be selected for the final journey. The remaining 5,000 would be left behind. The selection process was harsh, but ultimately the decision was made based on a combination of skills and sheer luck of the draw. Jade and Gray are among the fortunate few who were once again chosen for the last Ark. With the fate of humanity in the balance, the survivors worked tirelessly to repair and prepare the final ship for its daunting mission. Time was short and every day brought new challenges and setbacks. But the will to survive was overwhelming and the crew remained determined to see their journey through to its finality. As the last Ark set off there was little hope for those who were left behind. But for the crew of the final ship, there was a glimmer of possibility, a chance to find a new world and begin anew. Though the odds were stacked against them, they clung to the hope that their sacrifices would not have been in vain.

Plotting the last course.
The last Ark navigated toward the two last candidate planets, the crew knowing that their chances of survival were slim. The ship was barely holding together, the technical issues continued to get worse. With the little data they had on the planets, the crew had to rely on chance to choose the correct one. Jade and Gray worked tirelessly, doing everything they could to keep the Ark functioning for as long as possible. The crew was demoralized, but they knew that they had to stay focused if they wanted to survive. As they approached the two planets, they rolled the dice, hoping for the best.

Race to the new world.
The Ark had been pushed to its limits. The engines were coughing and sputtering, the hull was creaking, strained to its limit. Jade and Gray had been monitoring the instruments, their hearts pounding in their chests, as they approached the final destination. The planet they had chosen showed promise, but there was still so much they didn't know. As they descended through the atmosphere, they caught glimpses of the rocky terrain below. They had hoped for lush green forests and fields, but it seemed that this planet was barren and lifeless. They exchanged a worried glance, but they had come too far to turn back now. Finally, the Ark came to rest on a flat terrain, Jade and Gray rushed to the airlock and stared out at the desolate landscape. The ocean they had seen from orbit was nowhere to be found. Instead, the ground was strewn with sharp rocks and boulders. They stepped outside, their boots crunching on the rocky ground. As they surveyed their surroundings, they realized that the ship had suffered more damage than they had anticipated. The landing had been rough, and now they could see that many of the ship's systems were failing. The 3,000 survivors, Jade and Gray knew that they were stranded. They were alone on an alien planet, with no idea if it could sustain life or what they would encounter next.

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