Piano series is a new Piano Solo album. 
It is made of 11 short semi improvised pieces.

The first version of each track is on Bandcamp.
The final version of this mini album will reach all the major plateforms on May 1st.

Update: it is now live on most plateforms including:

Welcome to "Piano Series," my heartfelt collection of solo piano compositions drawing from the intricate harmonies of Bach with a hint of the timeless traditions of jazz. I have tried to craft a collection that resonates with both depth and spontaneity. The tracks, although short in duration, encapsulate a wealth of musical exploration, capturing moments of improvisation that were later refined into their final form.
From the moment the first note dances across the keys, you will find yourself immersed in a sonic world where emotions come alive. "A Short Dance with the Devil" unveils a whirlwind of intrigue, while "Invisible Eyes" paints a vivid picture of mystery and suspense. "Under Cover" beckons with its enigmatic charm, leading us to confront the haunting realm of "Waking up from a Nightmare."
As "Sunrise" bathes the listener in the gentle warmth of a new day, "A Short Explanation" delves into introspection before descending into the realms of shadows with "Dark Lights," where melancholy and contemplation intertwine, eventually leading to the disovery of a "Crack in the Wall" that reveals hidden truths.
Intense emotions take center stage with "Bad Migraine," a swirling storm of discord and unrest. And in a mesmerizing shift, "ノミの子守唄" carries us into a dreamscape inspired by the delicate lullabies whispered by fleas. Finally, "Lost in a Telephone Booth," is a bittersweet reflection on moments lost and connections missed.
Through "Piano Series," I have endeavored to capture the essence of human experience, distilling fleeting emotions into poignant musical vignettes. With a blend of improvisation and meticulous refinement, these compositions aim to touch your soul and invite introspection, allowing you to embark on a personal voyage with each delicate or brutal note.
Welcome to "Piano Series."

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