This album was written, recorded and finalized from November 12th to the release date a few days ago.It was made on iPad with an AKAI MPK mini II, using NanoStudio 2, obsidian for sampled instruments that needed layer swap/crossfading with a CC, and AudioLayer for all the other sampled instruments .Neon Audio editor was used to "fake" track freezing, that NS2 can't do, and to edit and prepare my samples when I was preparing the patches.
The samples I use are all custom patches I made out of my own samples, and free samples adapted from Labs, Pianobook and VSCO.
The drafts for this album are all on my YouTube channel in this playlist.
The final version in 48-24 is on most streaming platforms, including:
It is an honor to introduce to you my latest creation, an album that seeks to explore the depths of human existence and the fragility of time itself.
"The End of Time" is a sonic odyssey unlike anything I have ever ventured upon. Drawing inspiration from the haunting melodies of the Bulgarian female choir, I have woven together a tapestry of industrial acoustics, a delicate dance between melancholy and resilience.
In this auditory tapestry, heavy deep strings cascade alongside the gentle whispers of a solo flute, while damaged old accoustic guitars, ukes and mandolins add an ethereal texture to the compositions. The choirs, echoing with a haunting beauty, paint vivid landscapes of emotion, their harmonies reflecting the depths of despair and the flickering flames of hope.
Within these tracks lie stories waiting to be told, unspoken tales that resonate in the quiet corners of the soul. From the depths of "Misery" to the resolute of "Silent Battle," each piece unravels a different chapter in the human experience. I invite you to join me on this journey through the "Long Dark Road," where we encounter the enigmatic "Blind Dog with Three Legs" and find solace in the embrace of "Nightless" nights.
As the soundscapes unfurl, we soar through "Dangerous Skies," haunted by the ephemeral beauty of "The Last Butterfly." We are reminded of the ephemeral nature of existence, the echoes of "Ghosts of a Green Meadow" calling from the distant past. Finally, as we reach the culmination of this sonic pilgrimage, we face the inevitable conclusion in the contemplative embrace of "The End."
"The End of Time" is an invitation to ponder the intricacies of our existence, to embrace the shadows and find solace within the dissonance. It is my sincerest hope that this musical endeavor resonates with your soul, as it has with mine, and that it leads you to introspection, understanding, and perhaps even a glimpse of eternity. Welcome to this timeless journey.

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