That is a small world, a small frozen world. It's like everything died, and is preserved forever in that state. There is no life you can see.
The winter cold created those magical crystals, shiny spiky little things that are so fragile. A soft blow can kill them. 
Like some translucent parasite, it's been growing slowly, taking ownership of the plants, of the spider webs. Turning them into a chaotic yet so ordered microscopic landscape.
The ice crystals are everywhere, yet most people don't seem to notice their pure beauty. Looking at them up close reveals intricate mysteries
I can imagine the world being invaded by that strange inanimate creature made of water: the crystals reach the size of skyscrapers, they override human creations. They take the world.
They turn everything into cold lifeless sculptures. So much more beautiful than most human abhorrent creations.
Maybe the end of time could look like this. Majestic frozen parasitic structures reigning in silence.

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