When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

I am an autistic photographer, musician, composer, battling depression for ages; what actually now feels like all my life. 

Locked up inside myself. Sometimes, it comes through my eyes.Sometimes, I shoot it.​​​​​​​
7/5/2024: 15th album released on bandcamp: COLORS.
2/16/2024: updated the music section with my last albums: Not a Cello, Dreams of a distant sun, Silent departure and Coffee time piano preludes.
10/27/2023: added a photo in my awards section.
10/18/2023: republished a few essays from my old website.
10/8/2023: new photo essay: Iphone XS in the Grand canyon.
9/29/2023: republished a few essays from my old website.
9/24/2023: added 42 photos, and a short essay: fun with the Dxo One.
7/15/2023: My Album Firefly Dream is now on most streaming plateforms in 96-32
7/9/2023: added photos here, here and here.
6/28/2023: Updated my Awards page with recently awarded photos.
6/27/2023: My album Firefly Dream is published.
4/11/2023: Updated an 8 month backlog of photos.
3/7/2023: My short album Piano Series was published.
2/28/2023: My musical story album EXODUS was published.
12/11/2022: My jazz-ish improvisation album Second takes, 11 steps to madness is available on most platforms
12/10/2022: My last project album The end Of Time is available on most platforms.
11/30/2022: My old album Building 4 North Wing from 2004 is available on most platforms.
11/15/2022: My album Giants 巨人 is available on most streaming platforms.
11/12/2022: My album My Nights on Mars is available on most streaming platforms

Joseph Balson, an artist who navigates the realms of photography, music, and composition, has long confronted the shadows of depression throughout his life's odyssey. His artistic pursuits serve as a medium to articulate the profound nuances of his emotions. As a photographer, he captures poignant moments unveiling misery, hellish landscapes, nightmares, self-harm reflections, despair, loneliness, and the unfiltered sadness entwined with depression and thoughts of suicide. These visual narratives act as a cathartic exorcism of the darkest thoughts haunting him, offering a means of communication when words falter. The authenticity in his creations is stark and unapologetic, laying bare the physical and mental scars that have molded his existence.
Beyond the realm of photography, Joseph's creative spirit extends into the domains of composition and music. In exploring some of his musical endeavors, we find a parallel emotional resonance:
"Coffee Time Piano Preludes (2024)": In this album, Joseph crafts intricate piano melodies that evoke a sense of tranquil contemplation. Each piece beckons the listener to pause, savor their coffee, and immerse themselves in the gentle cadence of the notes.
"Silent Departure (2024)": The title alludes to introspection and a departure from the clamor of life. Joseph's compositions in this album exude solitude, mirroring his personal struggles with depression. The music whispers untold secrets and emotions that defy verbal expression.
"Dreams of a Distant Sun (2023)": Through this collection, Joseph transports his audience to otherworldly dimensions. The music serves as a vessel for dreams, guiding listeners toward distant suns and unexplored horizons—a journey encapsulating both hope and longing.
"Not a Cello (2023)": The title playfully challenges expectations, as Joseph's compositions defy conventions by blending unexpected elements. It's as if he declares, "I am not what you assume." The music gracefully dances between melancholy and defiance.
"Firefly Dream (2023)": Picture fireflies dancing in the night, their tiny lights flickering rhythmically. Joseph captures this ephemeral magic in his music, where the piano twinkles like fireflies, illuminating the depths of his emotional darkness.
"Piano Series (2023)": This series delves into various emotional landscapes—from the devil's dance to awakening from nightmares, each piece narrates a unique story. Joseph's piano becomes a storyteller, unveiling fragments of his soul.
"EXODUS (2023)": The title hints at a journey, an escape. Joseph's compositions in this album exude urgency, as if he's fleeing inner demons. The music pulsates with determination and a spirit of survival.
Joseph Balson's music is an unfiltered, sincere, and deeply personal invitation to explore the intricacies of the human experience through the medium of sound. Each note carries the weight of a soul seeking solace and connection.
Delving into the sources of his inspiration, Joseph draws from the depths of his emotions and experiences to shape his compositions:
Emotional Turmoil: Joseph's ongoing battle with depression and mental health issues serves as a wellspring of inspiration. His compositions mirror the daily rollercoaster of emotions, channeling pain, despair, and fleeting moments of hope.
Autism: As an autistic individual, Joseph's unique perception of the world finds expression in his music. His compositions capture the intricate patterns, sensory overload, and intense focus characteristic of his neurodivergent experience, with the piano serving as his voice.
Photography: Joseph's haunting images of misery, loneliness, and self-harm ideations influence his music, creating a seamless connection between the visual and auditory aspects of his art. The raw vulnerability in his photographs resonates in the notes he plays.
Nature and Solitude: Seeking solace in nature, Joseph translates the quiet of a forest, the rustling leaves, and the vastness of the sky into melodies. His piano becomes a vessel to conjure both external and internal landscapes, providing a space for self-discovery.
Artistic Expression: Joseph's insatiable need to create is evident in both his photography and music. The act of composing becomes a cathartic lifeline amidst the chaos, allowing him to pour his soul into his art.
Other Artists: Immersed in the works of classical masters and contemporary musicians, Joseph weaves their influence into his own musical tapestry. From Chopin to Debussy, their compositions ignite his imagination.
Silence and Sound: Joseph finds inspiration in the silence—the pregnant pause before a note, the space between chords. He explores dissonance and harmony, seeking beauty even in moments of disquiet.
Inner Dialogues: Music serves as a medium for Joseph to engage in introspective dialogues. Each composition becomes a conversation—an attempt to understand his own mind, grapple with demons, and find fleeting moments of peace.
In the quietude of his room, Joseph Balson, seated at the piano, traces memories and emotions with his fingers. His compositions are whispers from the depths, inviting listeners to share in his journey of vulnerability and resilience.
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